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Year of 1993.
5th month of the year
14th day of the month
A Blend of: freedom, love, sexual attractions,beliefs, motivation, determination, & everything that bridges upon my sense.

Movie night with the boo

INUYASHA! The third movie!

Love spending the nights over ^-^


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i really didn’t know how to follow up that whole beer / wine table post, so i thought to myself, “self? what do people who drink beer and / or wine do?” and the answer was : who the hell knows. but these are cute. and i want one. see kate sew has made a clutch that i would absolutely carry around, and i would be proud to answer “it was meeeeeeeeee!” when i get out of the elevator because i can’t tell a lie!

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Never do we realize how deep the hurt lays inside us. Until a spark of memories straddles our mind…