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Year of 1993.
5th month of the year
14th day of the month
A Blend of: freedom, love, sexual attractions,beliefs, motivation, determination, & everything that bridges upon my sense.

Singing one of my favorite pieces first video I post up of me singing hope my followers enjoy it❤ #comewhatmay #singing #firstsingingvideo comment more to post more up(:

21 in less than a mo… We promised we’d still be together… Promises were meant to be broken…

I always say their is nothing that can hold me back from accomplishing a goal. There are always obstacles and events that occur in ones life. But that should not stop us from shaping our future and molding it to a better one. It’s just reality can’t really escape from it nor runaway. Some of us have worked hard to stand in the place we are today and that should be seen with pride and joy to say I am where I am because I and who ever supported you gave you that motivation to do so because we are not alone were never alone and if we are why should that stop you? Never give up on a dream on a future you want to create because that dream may seem far but you may come to realize that it may be right around the corner. Don’t be lazy don’t make excuses they only stop you from doing what you desire. Be Motivated, Be Determined , Be Proud, Be Strong.

Come what may….


Nothing like a night with my best friend meet rapper Cnay! @nayellijelly7

I need some tea to calm my vibes and aches right about now….